Rick Johnson Photography | Flagstaff, Arizona

Nature and Conservation Photography

Nature photography on the Serengeti is truly amazing. The endless plains are commonly known for the extraordinary migration of wildebeest. But, of course, it is more than wildebeest, more than elephant, or lion, or any other single species. Although I have had the privilege of spending several weeks at this World Heritage Site, that is not nearly enough time to really know and appreciate the Serengeti. And despite the strong draw to return, I also find nature photography in my own corner of the world, especially when it inspires conservation actions, gives great satisfaction.

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Event Photography

They'll have to carry me out in a wood box. Well, maybe there are other places I'd live, but I do love Flagstaff: small town, big mountain, clean air, good people, open space, active arts community, the University, and lots and lots of events. 

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People and Cultures Photography

A big camera, a genuine smile, abundant curiosity, and lots of respect goes a long ways when photographing new friends you just met. A few years back, Nancy and I took a quick trip to Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was a science trip for Nancy and I went along even though there would be  little chance of escaping our well-meaning host. When I could get away, I simply walked through the streets meeting people and photographing as I went. Although my interactions were hampered by not being conversant in Bengali, I found Bangladeshis to be incredibly hospitable and curious. I definitely need to return, but maybe next time it will be with a plan and a fixer, and at least a few phrases of Bengali.

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Sports Photography

Several years ago I started shooting sports because I wanted to improve my technique for photographing events with fast action in low light conditions. I improved dramatically, but I also found that I really enjoy the energy at a game, the challenge of being a sports photographer, mentoring student photographers, and perhaps most of all, getting to know the athletes, coaches, fans, cheer, dance, photographers, videographers, and support staff. I'm now on to other things, but someday, I'll have to get back to the games.

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